Cherry Bakewell Soy Wax Candle


Let me take you to a magical world full of delightful fruity sweets - starting with the Cherry Bakewell. A mouthwatering tart with juicy cherry, raspberry, and strawberry puree sealed with fondant icing on an amazing vanilla almond cake base.

Our candles are designed to be long-lasting and strongly scented. Our candles make perfect gifts for loved ones or simply to fill your own home with beautiful fragrance.

Weight: 145g

Burn Time: Up to 30-50 Hours
Size: 8cm x 6.3cm

Candle Care:

For the best results burn the candle for 1-2 or until the candle has created a full melt pool before extinguishing. Do not move the candle while lit and always wait until the wax has hardened. Keep the wick trimmed to approx 10mm and always remove foreign objects such as wick trimming and match stubs.